A world of advantages !

Manage all your action plans with the same software

Advantage n°1: manage all your key data using the same software

The PYTHEOS solution allows you to easily adopt a collaborative approach and pool actions for all types of action plans.

A shared working platform

  • An intuitive tool
  • More adaptable than Excel
  • Data kept permanently up-to-date
  • Powerful features

Fully centralized actions and action plans

  • Access to all of the company’s action plans
  • A shared structure
  • Harmonization of best practices

Formalized and centralized indicators

  • Progress indicators
  • Key indicators
  • Evaluation indicators

Advantage n°2: a goal-oriented approach

PYTHEOS organizes data for maximum coherence and efficiency.

Our operations are designed with the big picture in mind.

Starting out with PYTHEOS

You will quickly master our user-friendly design tools, either on your own or with the support of our team of expert consultants.

Integrate your roadmaps with or without our assistance.

Choose how to structure your data

We offer various structural models and axes to answer your specific needs

  • Sectorial approach
  • Challenges or programs
  • Quality-based approach
  • Geographical approach

Different display possibilities

  • Dynamic dashboards
  • Ready-to-send reports
  • Smooth and easy meetings
  • Integrated map displays

Advantage n°3: Choose your level of analysis

PYTHEOS allows all stakeholders to work more efficiently.
Each user has different perspectives and levels of analysis.

A personal display

Thanks to their personal dashboard, users are able to:

  • Check personal notifications
  • Monitor action progress
  • Check and respect deadlines
  • Update indicators
  • Consult GANTT schedules

A collaborative display

The collaborative dashboard gathers all data in one place:

  • Resources used: progress indicators – KPIs, CAPEX – Time spent
  • Deliverables: documents, photos, proofs
  • A collaborative GANTT chart

A consolidated display

Users can benefit from an overview of their respective focus areas:

  • Axis-based project displays
  • Consolidation of resources: progress, KPIs, budget, etc.
  • Smoother management of theme-based meetings